Case report forms

At the TCC, we work with both paper and electronic case report forms. Our case report forms stimulate you and your staff to collect and record the data systematically, accurately and in a standardised way.

If you use our electronic case report forms, you and your staff can enter data via a computer anywhere in the world. The data are sent directly to the study database via a secure Internet connection. This means that you, the data manager and other authorized people can continually monitor the progress of the study in all centers.

Our electronic case report forms are user-friendly and promote a high level of data quality. They are suitable for both single-center and multi-center studies. As well as developing electronic case report forms, we also provide training and back-up assistance to investigators and their staff in their use and implement appropriate quality management procedures.

At the TCC, we have also developed a system of paper case report forms. The clear and standardized layout of these forms helps ensure that data is recorded carefully and can be entered into the database accurately. We can adapt our system to meet the requirements of your clinical study.

We also have extensive experience with the use of scannable paper case report forms in clinical studies. These enable large amounts of data to be read into a database efficiently and accurately. They are often used for questionnaires to be completed by study participants. We can manage the design, printing and distribution of machine readable and traditional paper case report forms, as well as scanning and traditional data entry.