Software development

Software to help with data collection, data capture, randomization and the storage of blood, urine and tissue samples is rapidly becoming an important feature of most clinical studies. As no two clinical studies are exactly the same, it is important to have access to software designed or adapted for your study.

At the Trial Coordination Center, we have a dedicated team of programmers and software development professionals. They can work closely with you to develop software to help you carry out many aspects of your clinical study easily, efficiently en accurately. Our software applications can save you time and money or even make some types of data rich studies possible.

Modern medical systems and laboratories can record a large amount of data from an individual within a few minutes. In the past, many types of data have been summarized before they were recorded in a patient's medical notes or on a case report form. At the Trial Coordination Center, we are pioneering methods to capture data from clinical apparatus and saving them directly into study databases. For example, we can read data from apparatus used to read advanced glycation end-products, measure blood pressure and perform electrocardiographs and spirometry.

In addition, if your study uses the central laboratories in the University Medical Center Groningen, we can also program software to automatically read data from from the results servers into your clinical study databases. If your study stores samples of blood, urine or other bodily fluids or tissues, in freezers in the University Medical Center Groningen, we can provide programs to record the location of each sample.

Our data management software stores, manipulates and prompts actions based on the data already collected. For instance, the software may automatically calculate composite measures of the participants' status or prompt you or your staff to perform certain actions. Examples of actions include the planning of follow-up visits or the retrieval of routinely collected patient data.

If you are planning a randomized study, our staff can program your randomization procedure into a number of products. These include a telephone voice response system, randomization envelopes and CD-roms and support for a secure Internet connection based system.

At the Trial Coordination Center, staff have extensive experience in software development for clinical studies. If you require other types of software application, contact us to discuss your requirements.