Clinical monitoring

At the TCC, we provide a wide range of clinical monitoring services. Our clinical monitors also facilitate the communication between the TCC and study sites and centres. They:

  • Perform pre-study visits to inform investigators and discuss the preparations for the study.

  • Perform initiation visits to enable the study to start.

  • Train study staff to use the case report forms.

  • Remain in contact with study staff.

  • Perform regular monitoring visits to monitor the quality and progress of the study.

  • Check that study sites work precisely as laid down in good clinical practice guidelines.

  • Check that the rights of study participants are upheld.

  • Verify the data in the case report forms.

  • Monitor adherence to the study protocol.

  • Perform close-out visits to round off administrative and logistic aspects after the study has been completed.

We also maintain a network of contacts with external monitors in a range of countries, who can perform clinical monitoring work in a range of European languages. This enables us to provide quality clinical monitoring services for all types of clinical studies, even if the study sites are spread across a large geographical area.