Statistical services

The TCC provides a range of statistical services. These include full-service statistical operations for multi-center trials with stratified treatment allocations and large-scale longitudinal studies. We have developed and validated tools to determine power and sample sizes and to analyse data accurately and efficiently. If required, we can also write or assist in writing the statistical paragraph of a clinical protocol.

The clinical and statistical outcomes and analyses performed are presented in a clinical study report. In addition, we can provide further statistical support to help investigators prepare presentations for conferences and scientific papers.

The TCC employs statisticians and methodologists with extensive statistical experience. We also work closely with professors and faculty staff from the department of epidemiology in the University Medical Center Groningen. This combination enables us to work efficiently, yet also gives you access to the highly specialised statistical knowledge and experience of faculty members if required. The TCC works with validated and widely-accepted statistical software, including SAS, Stata, SPSS and S-PLUS.

Part of our mission is to build and maintain a state of the art research infrastructure in the University Medical Center Groningen. To further this mission, we hold regular seminars to inform clinical researchers in the University Medical Center Groningen on the use of statistical techniques. In turn, this strengthens our contacts with researchers from all clinical disciplines.