Members of staff of the TCC organize courses aimed at clinical investigators inside and outside the University Medical Center Groningen. Currently, these courses include the 'Design, conduction and evaluation of a clinical trial' and 'Regulations and organisation for clinical investigators (BROK)'.

Design, conduction and evaluation of a clinical trial
This course provides training on the design, conduction and evaluation area of clinical trials on patients. Particular attention is paid to phase IIb, III and IV studies. The issues are considered from the point of view of clinical researchers, employees in the pharmaceutical industry and government policy makers. The course is presented by the Graduate School for Drug Exploration (GUIDE) of the University of Groningen and the University Medical Center Groningen. There is more information on the course and registration procedure on the graduate school's website.

Regulations and organisation for clinical investigators (BROK)
This course is known as 'Basiscursus Regelgeving en Organisatie voor Klinisch onderzoekers' (BROK) in Dutch. This can be translated as the 'course on the basics of regulations and organisation for clinical investigators'. It examines a wide range of legal and organisational aspects of clinical research and concludes with a national examination.

The course reviews methodological aspects of clinical studies and covers Good Clinical Practice regulations, the Clinical Trial Directive and working with a variety of departments, such as the pharmacy and research laboratories. Specific information is given on how researchers in the University Medical Center Groningen can access methodological and practical support when carrying out clinical research. More information on the course can be found on the website of the Wenckebach Institute.