Mission statement and history

Mission statement
The TCC is committed to improving the quality of biomedical research by maintaining a state of the art research infrastructure. It focuses on the conduct, implementation and reporting of clinical research into medication and medical devices. The TCC aims to achieve and maintain a stable group of well-trained biomedical research personel. This group can effectively support high-quality biomedical and clinical research projects.

The TCC was founded in 1998. The center developed from a partnership between the Departments of Cardiology in the Academic Hospital Groningen and Clinical Pharmacology at the University of Groningen. In 2006, the TCC, the data management group and the department of epidemiology of the University Medical Center Groningen were merged. The TCC has kept its separate identity.

Initially, the TCC concentrated on studies carried out in the department of cardiology. Later, it also started to work with the departments of dermatology, haematology, internal medicine, nephrology, orthopedics, psychiatry and thoracic surgery. Currently, the TCC works with a wide range of departments in the University Medical Center Groningen and external partners.